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Healthy Eating

At Magic Years Nursery we believe meals are important, children learn to socialise with peers and staff at meal times, we believe staff and children should always eat together with the children on their levels ensuring table manners and expressing the importance to children to eat all their food in a positive manner

We provide a diverse and enticing menu of healthy and nutritious meals, we have a chef who prepares freshly cooked meals on the premises, Specific dietary requirements are also catered for ensuring that your child’s needs come first and to promote their basic needs. Magic Years Nursery also supports growing vegetables and fruits so children can see and understand how the vegetables grow from

We always help children to practice good table manners and to encourage them to use cutlery, serve themselves from serving dishes and scrape their own plates clean, by supporting them during meal times staff members encourage their independence and confidence which enables children to have pleasant meal times and happy children, both enjoying and contributing to the whole experience.

Magic Years Nursery also has a snack station which is out all day fruits and water is provided for children to access promoting independence and confidence.

Magic Years Nursery staff members support children’s meal times and snack times they ensure good table manners are placed and support young children’s independence and confidence to make memorable meal times.

Our menus are supported by the local Early Years team who advise us with advice on healthy meals and snacks.

Our Focus:

To achieve and sustain quality by pursuing nationally recognized benchmarks and performance standards for each child, on their individualized level.


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