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Keeping Your Child Safe

Health and safety of children in our care is always our first priority. Whilst we believe in encouraging children to be independent and take risks to explore their environment, keeping them safe is our main priority. 


First Aid

We can understand the occasional knocks and bumps can happen with young children and support parents in completing our incident at home form, As a Nursery we are always fully prepared to deal with any accidents that may occur whilst your child is with us. Our nursery team include staff with a full paediatric first aid certificate and we provide regular first aid training to ensure staffs are kept up to date. 


Providing a Suitable Environment

The toys and equipment within the nursery are appropriate for their age and development stage all the equipment is easy to access. We support children’s independence by extending their learning by giving them the freedom to make choices, Children can think about their own safety and of others, for example by tidying up after themselves or taking care when using climbing equipment or the slide in all weather conditions. We are absolutely committed to Equal Opportunities and will do our very best to ensure equal access to the curriculum for all our children.


Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are carried out by our staff every morning both indoor and outdoor areas to ensure their optimum safety also evening checklists are also carried out on a daily basis, However checked by managers on the premises.

We also sterilise all our toys and equipment twice a day so that they are kept in prime condition and well-maintained for our children to use every day.


Security Entry

Magic Years Nursery has a secure buzzer entry system in place from the main entrance, access is only given to known parents, carers or nursery workers, and visitors are welcomed and escorted by management, all gates are locked We also have CCTV on the premises which monitories the safety of your child 24 hours a day 5 days a week.


Trips and Outings

We play an active role in our local community and enjoy taking children on regular outings to local places of interest such as parks, local library, Rathbone Market and supermarkets to ensure the health and safety of children at all times during our trips and visits risk assessments are always carried out in advance. Children are also given high visibility jackets and will be holding hands of an adult, as a nursery we ensure that first aiders are included on the outings and ratios are fully met. 

Our Focus:

To achieve and sustain quality by pursuing nationally recognized benchmarks and performance standards for each child, on their individualized level.


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